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The main aim of the chemical stabilization treatment of cooling tower's recirculating water is to eliminate or minimize the following problems:
·         Encrustation (due to the precipitation of Calcium and Magnesium salts)
·         Corrosion
·         Growth of bacteria, algae, etc.
·         Organic and inorganic fouling
These can reduce the thermal efficiency both in the cooling tower and in the rest of the circuit.
The water stabilization treatment involves adding a measured quantity of chemical products to the water circuit.
The chemical stabilization treatment reduces the management costs of the conditioning system and also helps to save water!
In addition to the general treatments we can also supply special treatments tailored to your specific system, such as that which prevents epidemiological risks connected to Legionella pneumophila.
The right amount of conditioning chemicals depends on the reintegration flow rate.


 1 Filter
 2 Water Softening Plant
 3 Resin filter
 4 Flow meter
 5 Digital timer
 6 Electromagnetic dosing pump
 7 Constant biocide
 8 Shock biocide
 9 Antiscalant-anticorrosive cooling towers
10 Conductivity analyzer
11 Purging solenoid-valve
12 Conductivity probe
13 Water treatment skid
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