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Cooling tower


 Case history Cooling tower

Q:    100 mc / h
ΔT:     5° C
Reintegrate: from irrigated aqueduct
Massive fouling from slime and sand coming from the aqueduct.
The very first step, before the mechanical cleaning of the tower’s port, the below accumulation and the tower’ exchangers, is to use a strong dispersant, the ASM CC 3051- to let it recircolate for two days so that the clay remains suspended and the removal through the purge is allowed, the remaining dirt is easily asported.
Once the mechanical cleaning supported by the chemical dispersion is done, we go through a preventive stage:
1)      The rural’s aqueduct reintegrate, before entering in the tower, goes through a 50 microns filter with a timerized purge which retains the sandy parts.
2)      Besides the pre-existent chemical treatment, antiscalant and anticorrosive, that is to say the biocide ASM TOWER 2011, the constant ASM BIO 5032 and the periodic shots of ASM TOWER 2028, the dispersant is added to the water as soon as sand is present in the filter, because both the sandy and the claye parts come together.
Because of the fouling, one of our cusomers had to interrupt the production twice a year, with serious lost in production and planty of inconveniences, but after the maintenance program started, there have not been interruptions any more, even if the amount of sand and clay could be present at spot.
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