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Helamin HS 190 H


HELAMIN HS 190-H is a scale and corrosion inhibitor for complete protection of
both closed recirculation hot water plants and chilled water systems. Water
treated by HELAMIN HS 190-H should not be used as drinking or washing
water. HELAMIN HS 190-H forms an adsorbed molecular film onto surfaces,
protecting them against the corrosive attacks by water and dissolved gases and
preventing the adhesion of any deposits.
HELAMIN HS 190-H is able to control pH of generator water and heated or
super-heated water lines. In addition, HELAMIN HS 190-H also assures the
complete protection of chilled water systems.
Physical properties:
- Composition: mixture of polyamines & polycarboxylates in aqueous
- Appearance: a slightly yellow solution fully soluble in water.
- Specific gravity/ density: 1.05 ± 0.05 at 20° C
- pH-value: 11.5 ± 1.0 at 20° C
- Thermal stability: 550° C
- Freezing point: -3° C
- Freeze-thaw stability: excellent
Single product, in ready-to-use liquid form, simply dosed to the system:
· prevent corrosion on iron, steel and copper (and its alloys)
· improves heat exchange by keeping heat transfer surfaces free from
deposits of any origin
· does not increase salinity of water
· simplifies control tests requirements
Meets and exceeds Recommendations R54/CEOC/CP 84 DEF requirements for
boiler water and boiler feed water (CEOC: Association of European Control
HELAMIN HS 190-H can be introduced at any point of the plant by automatic
dosing pump. The normal dosage is 500 - 1000 g / m3 (per cubic meter of
heating system water volume).
In heating or chilled water system, the residual polyamine excess measured by
HELAMIN Test Kit should be within range of 10 - 30 g / m3.
Please note that in certain cases, the amine loss by adsorption is not directly
proportional to the decrease of the pH value which should be maintained near 9
Important note:
· HELAMIN HS 190-H should not be mixed with common water additives (such
as phosphates, tannins, de-foaming or dispersing agents) which will destroy the
advantageous effects of the inhibitor.
· Before use in new carry-out system, a chemical cleaning is required to remove
natural or corrosion oxides and deposits (greases, sand, cement) prior to
introducing HELAMIN HS 190-H into the system.
HELAMIN HS 190-H is supplied in non-returnable 30, 60, 210, 800 and 1000 Kg
Please read the label and consult Material Safety Data Sheet prior handling this
product. Please make sure to wear personal protective equipment as
recommended therein.
Packaging and Storage:
It is supplied in non-returnable 30, 60, 210, 800 and 1000 Kg polyethylene
containers. Shell life of sealed product is 3 years provided stored in a confined
warehouse of temperature of 5 to 40° C. The product should be stirred before
use after long term storage.
DISCLAIMER: All statements and recommendation contained in this datasheet are accurate to the best of our
knowledge and experience. It is for guidelines and advisory purpose, and may be subjected to variation from time
to time. Any person/ company utilizing this document should seek our official technical representative to verify,
and assume responsibility for the suitability of this information to their particular situation/ plant system.




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