Acqua su Misura
Acqua Su Misura


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Chemical products


Much has been said about what are the best formulas for treating water-based circuits.
In reality the crucial point is that the products must be administered correctly if they are to perform optimally, that is why it is important to choose a service offering highly trai-ned experts as well as excellent chemical products. During our service visits, in addition to the on-the-spot water quality checks, we also instruct your personnel in recognising system problems and the correct remedies. We are also pleased to offer alternative products with good price-performance ratios.




Improperly treated water will always lead to problems. No chemical product is a univer-sal panacea; they all have their limits. Moreover, if the best chemical product is not do-sed correctly, it will not work as well as it could. That is why we offer the best water treatment apparatus for both hot and cold cycles: dosing pumps, probes, analyzers, water softeners, filters and so on.







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