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Closed circuit air conditioning
Systems data:
·         Total Volume 50 m3
·         Recirculating temperature 7°C
·         Metallurgic   AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 321, Cu, Al
·         Various Reintegrate (wharf, marine osmosis’ technical water )
·         Plate heat exchangers
Original situation:
Widespread long-term corrosion, with red water and recirculating particulates. The heat exchangers were frequently disassembled to free them from ferrous particles.
Remedial Action:
Since the system could not be stopped, we effected a 60 day long on-line cleaning treatment by adding to the circuit a strong dispersant, namely ASM-TOWER 2016, at a concentration of about 400 ppm.
After completing the cleaning treatment, the circuit was repeatedly purged at the lowest points. The appropriate amount of HELAMIN filming amines (about 80 ppm) were ad-ded to the circuit. The recirculating polyamine concentration is monitored periodically to ensure that it stays at about 10 ppm, adding more product in case of need.
Because of the low temperature, biocide is not added but the bacterial level is nevertheless monitored.
The recirculating water remains clear, with just a mild pink tinge. It is no longer necessary to disassemble the exchangers.
The dissolved ferrous quantity is steadily decreasing; we estimate that within 8 months of the first HELAMIN filming treatment, the corrosion will be totally under control.
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